OUTSHOTS’ Darts Checkout Combination Cards

OUTSHOTS’ Darts Checkout Combination Cards


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OUTSHOTS’ Darts Checkout Combination Cards

‘OUTSHOTS’ Darts Checkout Combination Cards are designed to:

help beginners learn the checkouts for the first time

help the confident league player increase the fluency of his/her throw by learning the alternative checkouts available

help the seasoned player learn which of the available checkouts they can hit with the greatest accuracy

be a practice tool for all players of all abilities

Q. There are 52 double-sided cards in each deck which contains approximately 4,000 different checkouts… Will you be the first one to hit them all?

Product specifics:

Custom made darts checkouts cards

Cards quantity per set: 52 double-sided cards

Paper material: 300gsm art paper

Paper box

CMYK printing

Long lasting

Easy shuffling

Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months

Product description?(as shown on back of deck)

This deck of checkout combination cards is aimed at the professional and amateur darts player.

Not only does the deck contain the standard 3 dart and 2 dart checkouts from 170 to 41, it contains hundreds of alternative 3 dart and 2 dart checkout combinations.

Where the number of combinations on a particular checkout exceeds 42, the emphasis has been placed on the highest scoring second dart (3 dart checkout) and first dart (2 dart checkout).

There are 80,724 (62x62x21) scoring 3 dart combinations from 4 (Single 1 (S1) + Single 1 (S1) + Double 1 (D1)) to 170 (Treble 20 (T20) + Treble 20 (T20) + Bullseye (Bull)).

There are also 1,302 scoring 2 dart combinations from 3 (Single 1 (S1) + Double 1 (D1)) to 110 (Treble 20 (T20) + Bullseye (Bull)).

It is assumed that a player will use one dart on all even numbered checkouts less than or equal to 40.

In the situation where a player leaves an odd numbered checkout less than 40, it is assumed that the player will subtract a single score to leave the highest of the following checkouts: 32, 16, 8, 4, 2.

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